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“13th Generation Marylander and Washingtonian by Birth …Lawyer by Training …Your REALTOR® of Choice”

Many of my clients start our conversation with, “Hill, I have a new job…” or “Hill, I have a problem…” or “Hill, I have an idea…” or “Hill, we have a dream…and I know you helped my neighbor / best friend / cousin. We need YOUR help.” And it is usually about a life change that will involve some kind of move. That is where my experience, special insight, and resources come into play.

No two clients, no two homes, and no two transactions are ever alike.  Clients’ needs are complex and unique.

Case #1:  The lender called me and my client to say the underwriters wanted a second appraisal of my client’s $2.5 million purchase two days before settlement and that settlement would have to be postponed.  I called my community banking contacts and, in 30 minutes, secured a $1.5 million loan and kept settlement on schedule.

Case #2:  My client had two homes to sell in order to buy his dream home, which just came on the market.  I created a successful strategy whereby he sold his tenanted property, then sold his occupied property, executed a post settlement occupancy agreement in that one while the owner moved out of the dream home, then obtained a pre-settlement occupancy agreement to move into the dream home before the owner could go to settlement.

Case #3 Two young clients to be married in three months wanted to find a home to rent.  After reviewing their credit histories, we consulted a lender who qualified them for a town home purchase with 3.5% down.  We identified a townhouse exceeding their dreams, and whose sellers agreed to pay all closing costs and to fund replacement windows.  My buyers’ monthly payment is hundreds of dollars less than their projected rent would have been!

No two agents are alike, either. 

Everyone should feel confident when buying or selling a home.  I simply and effectively explain a complex housing market to help you reach the best decisions.  In everything I do, with each person I help, I challenge the status quo.  I believe in thinking creatively, proactively, to help you realize your needs and goals.  I help you accomplish more and get better results.

When selling your house, the agent’s years of professional experience, full attention and commitment, and high quality of support you receive is will worth paying the full commission.  Be advised that a discounted commission usually brings lower level of service, experience and attention, and lack of experience to deal with transactional complexities. It may well cost you more than the discount.

Excellent agents just make it look simple.

You deserve the world-class professional consulting I deliver to my clients. I believe in what I do. I make Homes Worth Buying, easy to find, and accessible.  I do more than only what any agent can and is supposed to do.  My higher purpose is to make you so outrageously happy that you will gladly introduce me to your friends and colleagues who may also need my help.


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Hill Slowinski