Online Real Estate Information Resources

Where to look?  What to rely on?  How to keep current?

I initiated this blog years ago because my Clients need and want trustworthy and informed resources on real estate matters.  My clients also get prompt access directly to me to address important questions and issues they encounter and to prepare them for the transactional details of real estate sales and purchases.

Here are links to some of the many resources I can provide from a plethora of authoritative website I have selected — just a click away:


Simplifying The Market – Ideas and Topics of General Interest

Market Information  – Custom Reports by location in the DC Metropolitan Area

Financial Tools    Mortgage and Loan Calculators, Payment Estimators, Rent vs. Buy

Buyer’s and Seller’s Guides

Glossary of Real Estate Terms

Contact me for more information or to discuss your needs and ideas.  I will be happy to help!

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