Negotiating Experience Matters

Negotiating Experience Matters Hill's Top 10 Client Advantages 1. Faster Sales: We do more marketing than other firms, and get faster sales. 2. Better Expertise: We are better trained and more up-to-date. 3. Neighborhood Specialization: We have a better understanding of these homes and the market. 4. More Activity: We spend more time and energy … Continue reading Negotiating Experience Matters

Luxury Housing Market Beginning to Surge

Luxury Housing Market Beginning to Surge  Sales of homes over $1 million in the country increased 44.1% over the same period last year, says the Wall Street Journal.  One reason is financing in the jumbo mortgage market is becoming more readily available, good news in our DC market, where even modest homes can exceed $1 million.  Sales of … Continue reading Luxury Housing Market Beginning to Surge

Specialized Support for High-Value Clients

Specialized Support for High-Value Clients What sets my help apart from the rest when it comes to representing high-end properties and clients?  It is unmatched -- Experience, negotiation expertise, integrity, and highly developed programs that successfully support client goals and objectives.  On the purchase side, the first is for those clients who prefer the confidentiality, flexibility, … Continue reading Specialized Support for High-Value Clients