Specialized Support for High-Value Clients

Specialized Support for High-Value Clients

What sets my help apart from the rest when it comes to representing high-end properties and clients?  It is unmatched — Experience, negotiation expertise, integrity, and highly developed programs that successfully support client goals and objectives. 

On the purchase side, the first is for those clients who prefer the confidentiality, flexibility, and advantages of private mortgage services for financing residential sales.  Through our mortgage company, Prosperity Mortgage, a partnership with Wells Fargo Bank, we offer financing opportunities for upper bracket clients through creative alternative arrangements, including simulated “asset dissipation” quantification, hybrid income documentation, and use of guaranteed bonus and business funds.  We can also support purchases without having to sell a current residence, financing from $2M to $6M (additional funding up to $20M is also available), and LLC vested 1031 exchanges.

Another service, on the sale side, is for those who may be considering listing their high value properties for sale and want the best exposure to qualified buyers in the market.  Through our exclusive affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate, we are the only Washington DC area broker who can provide truly global exposure to the largest prospective buyer market for upper bracket properties.  We list and sell more luxury homes in Washington and suburban Virginia and Maryland than the next three brokerages combined.  And our programs focus exclusively on that market, while the “luxury home” programs of the other brokers do not.

 Here is a link to a short slide presentation for you and links to two video presentations, one on my company, W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtors, and the other on our participation with Christie’s International Real Estate.  Additional videos, information, and luxury market reports are available on my website at HillSlowinski.com.

 Slowinski LogoI would be honored to meet to discuss these programs.  I am available to visit personally to provide a short presentation, to answer questions, and to show how these efforts can benefit you best and satisfy your real estate planning needs.  You, your friends, your colleagues or clients will find this information helpful, so feel comfortable and call me.  You will be glad you did.


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