What Do I REALLY Do?

What Do I REALLY Do? In my work, I don't really buy or sell houses.  I offer my time and expertise to my clients.  My job as a real estate professional is to devote my time to best serve my clients, much like the lawyer I was first trained to be.  When I communicate with clients, … Continue reading What Do I REALLY Do?

Economist: Reality Check on Home Prices

Economist: Reality Check on Home Prices Adapted from an article posted June 10th 2013, 14:20 by Economist.com  In the chart below, the tan line (Washington DC) shows that we are back to the area price levels of 2Q 2002 and 1Q 2008, while the peak was 2Q 2005:  The full interactive chart (CLICK HERE) allows readers to compare the … Continue reading Economist: Reality Check on Home Prices