Don’t Spin Your Wheels!

Don’t Spin Your Wheels!

A financing colleague recently described many sellers and buyers as “spinning their wheels”.  They don’t seem to know why their expectations are not being met.  They are confused and frustrated, especially as they see others succeeding where they have not.  He is correct in describing those who do not understand what to do in this real estate market.  Today’s market requires different skill sets and advice.

  • Are some buyers frustrated with sellers who refuse to negotiate on price?  Yes, and those buyers are finding great alternative homes for sale by informed sellers.
  • Are some sellers seeing other homes like theirs get multiple offers, often exceeding the list price?  Yes, and those sellers may not getting or heeding the important advice on successful strategies for home sales.
  • Are some sellers frustrated because buyers are not offering as much as they think their house is worth?  Yes.  Those sellers are not paying attention to the current market data and sales trends.
  • Are buyers getting beaten out by other buyers?  Yes.  Successful buyers have been pre-qualified and counseled to be sure they are focusing on the correct housing market for them and can act quickly and affirmatively with favorable arrangements in place.

How can you avoid confusion and spinning your wheels?  Here is some useful guidance:

  1. Don’t be distracted by the ‘national’ mainstream news media.  They only scratch the surface.  The details tell a deeper story.
  2. Pay attention to good information, guidance, and insight from authoritative sources. 
  3. Prepare to successfully reach your objective here by knowing what influences buyers and sellers our competitive markets. 
  4. For homes, understand your seller’s motives and objectives and/or your buyer’s markets. 
  5. For properties for development, understand the business models developers have to work within.  They are business driven and financially astute.
  6. Rely on your agent’s deep experience, professional tools, authoritative resources, and excellent support services. 
  7. Enlist an agent who is a successful, qualified, experienced negotiator, one who stands out from the rest and who shares your values and provides the highest level of service. 

With this knowledge and support, you will be able to realize the best possible deal.  Client testimonials can provide the best evidence of the high level of professional expert knowledge and skills your agent has and you need and deserve.

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