More Reasons to Sell Found in Understanding the Current Market

More Reasons to Sell Found in Understanding the Current Market

These infographics illustrate the current US housing market trends:NAR data 9.12


Long-Term Return on Investment continues to outpace the stock market:

ROI 9.12

Mortgage Rates continue to reach historic lows, now at or below 3.75%

Sept 12 interest ratesThe July 2012 S&P Case-Shiller chart below shows the 10- and 20-city indices. Specific data for the Washington DC area is that, at 188.94, we are back up to June 2004 price levels overall, almost 89% appreciation over the January 2000 level. &&

S&P Case Shlr Sept 12You have the power to take back control of the situation by pricing your home to guarantee it sells. Hill has the experience and exact market data to help make it happen for you. The time has come for you and your family to move on and start living the life you desire. That is what is truly important.