Whether To Buy or To Sell During the Holidays – Yes!

“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Hill SlowinskiClients are asking, “Should I put my house on the market now, or should I wait?” and “Should I buy now, or should I wait?”  What about Thanksgiving, the Holiday season, or New Year’s?  What about buyer interest and showings and open houses? Why not wait?

It’s November.  Prices have stabilized.  Inventories have come down in many areas.  Interest rates are at historic lows.  Financing has become more readily available.  Sellers planning to also buy can get more house for their money now than before.  Sellers who price not only competitively but also compellingly are successfully setting the stage for buyers to make very respectable offers.  Buyers who hesitate guessing prices will continue to fluctuate or fall may forego any perceived savings through potential increases in mortgage rates. Sellers are seeing more buyers preparing to act and ready to go. 

Even during the holidays, business does not stop and buyers continue to look.  If the house is not on the market, it is invisible to buyers.  The question should be “Why wait?”  Why delay plans and dreams when the environment is so good?  Focus on what is important to them to achieve or why they are trying to accomplish it.  If a strategy is to buy at the bottom of the market, there is no way to ‘know’ the bottom – except to have passed it and to see the upswing.

How do Realtors help clients decide?    What should clients think about?  What is their motivation to act now and not wait until Spring?  Answer: “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

To be able to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” in their new house or at settlement, they have to move ahead now.  That becomes their motivation.  THAT can be their goal.

Know that many factors are working in their favor.   As we learn more about our clients and their expectations, dreams, and desires, as their Realtors we will be better prepared to help them.  If they act now to buy or to sell, come February 14, they may also be able to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”*

*Thanks to John Dodd!

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